The pollution of the drinking water is a matter of global interest. Arsenic is a ubiquitous element: it can be found in the rocks, into the water, in the air and in different animals and plants.

Because it is conveyed in a pervasive way through the water, a very wide range of people worldwide is chronically exposed to arsenic through water for human consumption. The effects that may result from the assumption of arsenic could be of different nature:


  • toxic effects;
  • carcinogen effects;
  • non-carcinogen effects.


Usually, the purification treatment of arsenic contaminated drinking water/water for human consumption is performed through the use of filtering media that once exhausted are discharged in landfills.

The specific objective of REGENERA project is to realize a production system of high performance (twice the amount absorbed by other products on the market) totally regenerable filtering media for the arsenic purification of drinking water in water treatment plants.